I offer professional services in two fields: software development and technical writing. Please contact me to enquire.

Software development

All software development services are provided through my business Heron Web Ltd, established in 2018. Heron Web builds bespoke software solutions that are specifically engineered to match each customer's processes. I'm experienced in building and maintaining large-scale systems using modern technologies and methodologies.

Case studies of projects I've recently delivered can be found on the Heron Web website.

Technical writing

I am a freelance technical writer available for hire. I've published thousands of articles about software engineering, DevOps, and cloud computing, for industry publications and individual vendors.

Articles I've recently written include:

This is only a small selection from my complete corpus.

I'm currently a regular contributor to How-To Geek's DevOps section (formerly CloudSavvy IT). My articles have also appeared on sites such as The New Stack.

I usually write about the software development lifecycle, DevOps tools and principles, and the services of the companies I work with. I'll follow your brief or help you to devise content ideas. My portfolio includes both conceptual articles and clear "how-tos" about individual technologies. As a practising developer myself, I have first-hand experience of many of the topics I'm asked to cover.

Please contact me if you'd like to engage my writing services. I can usually contribute material at short notice and on an ongoing basis. While attribution as the author is always appreciated, my content can also be published anonymously when agreed in advance.